Anniversary of Vietnamese Woman Day 20th Oct at Hanoi Liquor ., JSC (HALICO)

86th years anniversary of foundation Vietnamese Women Association (20th Oct 1930 to 20th Oct 2016), under the total agreement and attention of Halico’s leaders, Labor Union and Women Association organized and celebrated the program of anniversary and seminars for female employees of the company.

Seminars with the participation of Mr.Mai Van Loi – Chairman of BOM, Mr.Tran Hau Cuong – Deputy Director and Mr. Nguyen Thi Tu – Deputy Director of the Interior, Mr. Tran Trung Kien – Chairman of the Trade Union and all female employees.


Flower given to representatives: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tu – Deputy Director, Mrs.Nguyen Nguyet – Vice Director – Center of Population and Family Planning at Hai Ba Trung province and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Quynh – Consultant of reproductive health

Company’s representatives gave bunch of flowers and best wishes to all female employees, recognize all their contribution to company’s success. In the circumstance of market fluctuation in present, the activities of sales and productions will face up with a lot of difficulties which required employees in general and the female one to try harder in working. Moreover, they will have to cooperate and spend more effort in strengthening brand of Hanoi’s product, a national brand of high quality and tradition of long-term establishment.


This meaningful activity will give a considerable encouragement of female employee’s spirit. On the other hand, it will tighten more the united co-operation, create excited working environment of  fulfilling all given tasks.