Celebrities and hot teens support “Uống chất, sống chất” Concert

Along side with the campaign “Anti fake-alcohol for the benefit of consumers”, Hanoi Liquor JSC. (Halico) held a launching ceremony to launch 94 Lo Duc Ha line […]

HALICO ended the series of 3 mini concerts “Chất” with the impressive night at Hanoi Railway Station

On 3/01/2015, a lot of people gathered in Hanoi Railway Station to start a New Year journey, but this journey did not start with a […]

Dong Xuan market was crowded because of the arrival of Van Mai Huong and Ai Phuong.

Last night 30/12, the singer Ai Phuong, Van Mai Huong suddenly appeared at Dong Xuan market to perform series of exciting hit songs dedicated to […]

Đào Duy Từ street was blazing with “Chất” mini-concert

If you think Dao Duy Tu – or lemon tea street can not be any more crowded, think again. Hundreds of young people “rushed” to the […]

Enterprises went ahead on fighting against counterfeits & protecting consumers’ rights

The alarm on the popularity of fake-liquor Currently, the yearly output of liquor in Vietnam is about 400 million liters/year, including 300 million liters of non-commercial liquor. However, […]