The annual general meeting of shareholders in 2016

In 15th Apr 2016, at the meeting hall of Hanoi Alcohol liquor JSC, the Annual General Meeting of shareholders took place successful and attended by fully member of shareholders.

In the phase of 2011 – 2015, it is recorded by 02 milestones of HALICO, as following:

  • HALICO finished the work of removing all production equipment at 94 Lo Duc: finish the project of establishment and removal the production place at Lo Duc to Yen Phong Industrial Zone – Bac Ninh. The total investment amount is up to 50 millions USD.
  • In 2013: HALICO signed the Co-operative contract with DIAGEO; at the present time, DIAGEO has become one of two HALICO’s the biggest shareholder (occupy up to 45% of charter capital).

At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, Mr.Mai Van Loi presented the summary of Production and Trade; Marketing Activity and sales activities in 2015:

                The report of production and sales activities:

  • In 2015, it was a difficult year for not only HALICO’s product but also but also for the whole alcoholic beverages industry generally, according to statistics, in 2015, it was the driest year in the history of 40 years, the long lasting of hot season and hardly competition of competitor, which seriously diminish sales  of Vodka Hanoi.

  • Sales volume of sales and service provider (including Special Income Tax) in 2015 reached 452.87 billion dongs, including: domestic wine reached 338.66 billion, the domestic wine for exporting purpose reached 4.42 billion and the other revenues reached 4.97 billion.

  • Consumption outputs reached mainly 7.496.740 liters .

                The Sales Executive:

  • Gradually forming a specialized channel and customer-specific development: ministries, departments, organizations, agencies, supermarkets …
  • It is the first time of maintaining the display of goods in supermarkets such as Intimex, Vinmart, May10, and developing the potential customers such as Nasco at Noi Bai Airport.     
  • More focus on PG to promote the image and product introduction, despite the fact that it is necessary to improve more but it marks a long stop in investment in PG at selling point in 2015.

                The marketing activities:

  • Step in developing the brand identity: process the design and production of Catalogue; fund for comedy film 2016 (Film “Tro Lai” produced by Thang Long Audio Visual Company); develop Halico’s website; Design and product 2016 calendar; Design and product Vinacomin’s brand; Design and produce Tet’s gift box
  • Advertising image in programs: Vung Tau Fair, “Beverage Festival” at HCM, Proud of Vietnam goods at Ha Noi; organize POSM at 60 restaurants at Ha Noi; PG housing and PG Mobile; Public relation in newspapers: Vietnamnet, Cong Thuong newspaper, Thanh Nien, Tien Phong…Facebook, Spring Fair at Exhibition; Company’s leader interview program in VTV1.
  • Joined and got award “Thang Long golden brand”,” Vietnam Golden Industrial Brand the second times – 2015″; the program “International Spirit” at New York, Ameria and got the silver medal.
  • Joined the gymnastic festivals holed by Hanoi Beer Alcohol and Beverage Corporation.
  • In Dec/2015: the campaign of launching out the new product of 94 Lo Duc and re-launching out the product of Vodka Ha Noi and series number of PR activities such as: Press Conference and party ; 3 Mini Concert (Dao Duy Tu; Dong Xuan market; Ha Noi railway station): attracted at least 500 customer/program.

During the meeting, Mr.Mai Van Loi emphasized some trends, mission in 2016 such as:

  • Improve the production process, make us of all processes – increase the capacity of all processes and reduce waste of materials.
  • Research new products: fulfill and research to launch out market new product to brand’s advertisment. Be continuous researching on improving the product’s quality at high volume (39,5% Vol and 40% Vol). Besides, be continuous researching new product in accordance with market’s demand.

All shareholders totally agree to appoint Mr.Mai Van Loi-Director to a new position of Chairman of the Board on replacing Mr.Vuong Toan;

Some pictures of General Meeting 


Panorama of Meeting Hall


Mr.Vuong Toan introduces The Steering Committee and The Selection Committee


Mr.Mai Van Loi delivered a speech on the General Meeting of Shareholders


General Manager of Vietnam Diageo – Mr. Shivam Misra