Ha Noi Factory is granted the honor of one of 45 outstanding enterprises at Bac Ninh province in 2015

 (BNP) –In the Conference of Business enterprise Meeting in 2016, at Kinh Bac culture center, 45 outstanding enterprises in province are honored, which create incentives for businesses to continue labor emulation, production, positively contribute to the province’s sustainable development.

In the past years, a team of businesses, entrepreneurs in the province had a tremendous growth. In particular, enterprises have many innovations in management and administration activities, thereby improving capacity and product’s quality, being positive in building brand and searching market, promote movement patriotic, innovation creating, technical innovation, cost savings in input cost in order to improve the product’s competitiveness…


 Deputy Secretary of the Party permanent committee Mr.Nguyen Huu Quat and Vice permanent Chairman Mr.Nguyen Tien Nhuong awarded for outstanding enterprises

In 2015, It only accounts 45 outstanding enterprises who have paid 5,000 billions to the State budget. It ensures permanent jobs for over 30,000 employees. Together with the focus on investment, production and business development, make profit to enterprises and employees, the community of enterprises has made important contributions to the social welfare activities, to promote the sustainable poverty reduction, to support building house to families in difficult circumstances, to provide health insurance cards for the poor …. in order to build, develop and help the community, which contributed to the progress and justice in society.



Secretary of Party permanent committee  and Chairman of People’s Committee grant the memorial medal to outstanding enterprises
at Hanoi Liquor Joint Stock Company at Yen Phong industrial zone – Bac Ninh province 
 In the purpose of recording the practical contribution to Community of enterprises together with encouraging them in overcoming difficulties, struggling to the province’s prosperity, 45 enterprises is granted in honor of  Outstanding enterprise. The representative of Ha noi liquor alcohol joint stock company (HALICO), Mr. Tran Hau Cuong has jointed and received the awards.