HALICO and the path of conserving Trademark

Hanoi Liquor factory was a precursor of Hanoi Liquor Joint Stock Company nowadays, established by a branch of Fontaine, France since 1898. After the end of war, Vietnam Government took over and recovered production. It was proud and honored to be visited by Uncle Ho in the year of 1959 and 1961.


According to the Government and State’s policy, on 6th Dec 2016, it has operated under the model of Joint Stock Company and the name of Ha Noi Liquor Joint Stock Company (HALICO). The revolution in the model of operation brings a huge value, which is in line with the long-term strategy and doing business enviroment nowadays. In 2008, Hanoi Liquor Joint Stock Company upgraded to the 1st level of enterprise, was granted the quality certificate of ISO 9000:2008 and ISO 22.000:2005. At the same time, its new branch established and located at Da Nang to meet the increasingly high demand of end-users in the whole country.

In 2009, Company established new branches at Can Tho, Nha Trang and representatives at Laos; especially, the project of new factory at Yen Phong, Bac Ninh was invested a hugh amount of capital and the highest technology in region and capacity of 40 millions litre liquor/year. Despite the difficulty in influence of World and Vietnam Economic Crisis, Halico adjusted the product structure, therefore those difficulties were solved and made use of all opportunies to fulfill and exceed the expectation of the planned target and achieved a growth in comparison with the same period of 2018 about 150%.

Integration and development is the most appropriate direction in the circumstance of nowadays economy. In 2011, Hanoi Liquor Joint Stock Company has signed the stategic cooperation agreement with Diageo Corporation – one of the largest beverages trading in the world. During this cooperation, Halico has stimulated the enterprise administration activities, researched new product, promote the new distribution channel and enhance the import and export activities, with the same vision of a Corporation owing to the famous brands such as Johny Walker, Smirnoff…which promises the near bright future, Halico and Vodka Ha Noi brand will have a certain voice in the domestic and international market.


The next comprehensive change of Halico has been re-marked by the event of opening ceremony Factory at Bac Ninh, the official name: Hanoi Liqour factory – Yen Phong industrial zone – Bac Ninh. Hanoi Liquor Joint Stock Company set up the modern alcohol production line with largest scale at Dong Nam A and officially operated since Oct 2012. With the modern equipment, high technology and well-experienced foreign expert, Hanoi Liquor Factory will meet all market’s demands even the sternest one. With the capacity of 15 millions alcohol, 40 millions liquor/year, the total investment amount 755 billions dongs, Hanoi liquor factory reached a milestone in the strategy of Halico’s development.

In the past period, the tight and effective co-operation with Diageo, together with the official open ceremony of new factory at Yen Phong, Bac Ninh, Halico has launched series products of high quality, modern design, nice look and highly interested by the domestic and international consumers. It can’t but mention the production line Vodka Ha Noi – one of the most famous brand and interest in Vietnam, by improving in chaging design, variable capacity, and raise quality of alcohol, Vodka Ha noi brand with full diversity of volume and capacity which will help customer in selection. Owing to the market launching of new product and high technology, it is an useful tool to restrict the counterfeit goods and to protect the end-user.

In 2012, despite the difficulties causing by the effect of domestic and international economic crisis, together with the fierce competition and unhealthy competition in the Vietnam liquor market, Halico was one of enterprises reaching the revenue over one thousand billion dongs.


More than 115 years of establishment and development, Halico nowadays is one of the biggest enterprises in Vietnam, good reputation and high quality. Company’s products are delighted by domestic and regional market such: Lua moi, Vodka Ha noi, 94 Lo Duc, Vina Vodka and Ba Kich Sealion…Halico’s products are granted the Gold Medal of quality in domestic and international region, other prizes such as: High quality of Vietnam goods selected by consumers since 2001 to 2012, the Vietnam leading brand cup, Gold Medal of Vodka Ha Noi, Sao Vang Dat Viet prize in 2009, 2011, 2013 – TOP 100; The gold medal prize – Impression slogan in 2012, Top 10 “The best product & service in 2012” granting the medal of “Viet foods for Vietnamese people’s health in 2012”; Top 300 “The ranking VNR500 – Top 500 the leading enterprises in Vietnam”, Top 1000 “Top 1000 enterprises – the highest income tax paying Vietnam in 2012”, the prize “Integration and development in 2012”, the prize “The reputable brand in the 21st century” and a lot of reputable prizes..

During the progressive and competitive period continuously nowadays, Halico has made a decision of being a leading enterprise in trading, producing alcohol liquor and other products related to the beverage industry in serving domestic and oversee consumption. To this mission, the given duties are maintaining, developing and becoming the leader in technology of product and service with good quality in order to gain profit, high growth rate, large segmentation and effort in improving the consuming quality and protect environment. All investment, effort in development will focus on making Halico – a brand of more than 100 years of establishment  to go further step in the international markets.