Liver detoxification by normal ingredients

The liver includes the well-known functions of stimulating, strengthening the digestive system. Besides, it also plays a role of purifying dregs and toxins in the blood. Therefore, you should spend time on taking care of your liver regularly. On the other hand, if you often use the alcoholic drinks, you should apply the method of 2-day detoxifying liver by natural ingredient which must be an important key in protecting liver optimally.


Liver detoxification by the normal ingredients 

According to the latest statistics issued by the Ministry of Health, it showed that the increasing number of people are suffering from fatty-liver disease, and even, hepatitis A, B, C, cirrhosis. These diseases are rooted from liver to be poisoned or frequently usage of alcohol causing the erosion of liver.

The method of liver detoxification from the normal ingredients

But don’t be too much hurry, there are a lot of natural method in purifying lover and recovering liver’s function. Let’s make a reference of the following method to detoxifying liver simply!

 Preparing the following ingredients:

The method of detoxifying liver by the normal ingredients:


– The dry grape: 1 bowl

– Boiled Water: 6 bowl

The brown dry grape is the best choice in protecting liver, strengthening digestive system. The dark and dark blue grape are also good in liver detoxification. Do not choose the light brown grape because it is handled by sulfur dioxide which is not good for health.

The progress:

Firstly, put the dry grape into a bowl, add 03 bottle of water, use spoon to mixing. Put it hold in 15 minutes, filter water. And then, clean grape.

The progress of liver detoxification

Put clean grape into a bowl, boil in 02 minutes with 03 bowl of water. Turn off the fire, put the mixing ingredient into a glass bottle and over 01 night.



The usage

In the morning, when the stomach is empty, let’s drink a cup of its and also grape. To increase the taste, you can boil or put some ice block which is good for detoxifying liver and purification. Keep on applying continuously this method in 02 days. A huge improvement in body can be noticed.


The kind of water can make your liver to be healthy and operate well.

However, the best way of protecting your liver is to lengthen the period of treatment in 01 week.


When applying the method of liver detoxification, no use of beer, alcohol and other foods of lubricants and lipid absolutely will bring a good result.

Moreover, you can spend from 1, 5 to 2 hours in the morning on laying on the bed and use only the bag containing warm water to put on the right of stomach which will help liver to be purified better. It should be applied 01 times per week, keep on doing it in 01 month!