Stop doing things after drinking alcoholic beverage

Stop doing things after drinking alcoholic beverage 

Halico shares experience of NOT doing things after drinking alcoholic beverage to protect your health. 

1.Drink coffee, tea and sparkling water


Experts explain that after drinking alcoholic beverage, it causes dehydration. Therefore, stop drinking coffee or tea, which may cause heart to be over excitement, not goods for kidney while it works hard in eliminating alcohol of liquor and beer.

In the case of sparkling beverage, it should not be, too. The sparking beverage will stimulate the speed of absorbing liquor to body, negative impact on kidney and cause gastritis.

2. Take a medicine


Liquor often cause medical reaction and harmful substance. Especially, in case of using anti-febrile medication, the ingredient of medicine create toxic things which causes toxic hepatitis or injure of liver eternally.

 3. Get a shower

tai-xuongAfter drinking liquor or beer, do not take a shower even if taking a hot or cold water. Hot water or make a stream in a shower will lead to gathering heat inside of body, which cause to get more drunk, vomiting or faint.

Cold water does not make you feel better, conversely, it causes liver not adding in time glucose to be consumed in blood, moreover, the excitation of cold water will make the blood vessel’s shrink to get cold, even broken blood vessel.

4. Covering electric blanket when sleeping


When drinking too much, the confusion of function in controlling temperature, increasing the process of heat loss and the felling of getting cold.

Meanwhile, the body is in need of warm but do not cover by electric blanket, especially, in case of patient to be heart attack such as hypertension, narrowing artery.