The art of drinking Vodka

Vodka first produced in some countries located at Eastern European, especially in Russian, Poland and Litva. It also had a long time tradition at Northern European where often called by the name of Vodka. 

Vodka is a pleasant part of anyone’s life if the drinkers can control how much do they drink. Vodka is a favorite beverage of many males, to be a friend of them, even too be friendly, freely no requirement  and no judgement. It is simple to be familiar with Vodka. It is not necessary to have an outside or inside view of it. It is simple to have a drink of it and enjoy its story and delicious taste.


Vodka’s purity is described as water

Rooting for the word “Voda” (meaning of “water”). The name of vodka can be understand to be “a little of water”. Corresponding to the name of it, vodka is described as “no smell, no color and no taste of alcohol. The first two characters are not agreed at sight, however, no all kind of vodka has a light taste of alcohol which is enough to make drinkers feel comfortable to say that they do not feel any taste of alcohol.

Vodka was stated to be rooted in the Northern Europe region. Polander affirmed that they distilled vodka since the 8th century, before the early birth of vodka originally named ‘gorzalka’ in the 11th century. Russian also said that vodka is a beloved child. Khylnovsk supposed to be a factory of distillering precursor vodka since 1174,  800km far away the capital of Moscow at the eastern region. Vodka was rooted from a variety of sources, therefore, Vodka might have the ability of being familiar with all cultures and become the most popular kind of alcohol beverage in the world.

Ingredients of producing vodka is simple and available: oat, corn, sugar beets, potatoes, fruits even from sugar. Russian mainly used the following ingredient such as rice while Polander used a variety of material.


One of the most favorite taste of enjoying Vodka with ginger beer and lemon.

It is summarized briefly the process of vodka distillation as follows: raw sugar is extracted and converted into alcohol, then a few times of distillation. Six times seems to be the perfect method of producing the best quality of neutral vodka which is the traditional one of production and afterwards, adding the final step of filtering distilled product through activated carbon, to lose the unique character of odor, taste or color. Most of vodka is diluted by adding water before bottling process. The amount of water can account up to 58% of bottle volume.

In fact, it is said that vodka can be made from anything and in any way in your imagination. Vodka and other types of distilled spirits are home-made product in over the world following the different formulas and processes. For example, liquor made from fermented rice in Vietnam is the most familiar example.

Vodka is an indispensable part of  Russian culture. This beverage is distilled long-time ago before appearance of vodka in the world. Everywhere in this cold region, they take one sip, sometimes gulp it. The Russian also often lessen it by using with Coca-Cola, Sprite, canned fruit juice and beer is the most popular. An old Russian has a claim of “Vodka without beer is like to throw money out the window.”



Choose reasonable size of glass and a half of content

How to drink fruit juices mixed vodka in the bar / club in Vietnam? However, there are many ways for women to drink. Drink needs a certain understanding and a sense of abiding by certain principles.

First, it should not drink alcohol when your stomach is empty. It is necessary to have a snack in one to two hours in advance. Besides, the foods together with butter will effect into reducing the process of drawing alcohol into body

Second, how to choose vodka. Do not drink vodka mixing shot, do not select the type of flavored vodka. In fact, it still exist some kind of vodka to be mixed like pepper, anise, chocolate … If you want to have this taste, please add it by yourself rather than using bottled products available from the factory. Then, choosing what kind of vodka depends on the taste. Some people like the Poland, some like the Swiss, while the other like France … But in general, Russian vodka has been evaluated the most favorite.


If possible, the seafood is a best choice of using with vodka

Third, it should drink vodka in a traditional way, i.e drink directly. Chilled bottle of vodka should be chilled in about two hours to make the liquid in the bottle become viscous before drinking. The Russians can drink  in a quite large glass and quaff. We should choose the type of glass of medium size, fill a half of glass, it is as well a tip of avoid drinking a lot. To drink up and not sipping.

Last but not least, in order to fully enjoy the spirit of vodka, it is often served with dishes cooked  from his hometown of vodka. That will bring its own sense of drinking vodka and thereby realize clearly that all kinds of vodka are the same. Normally, the chilled vodka goes with rough processing seafood, caviar, smoked fish, lobsters.


Black Russian-White Russian



Sex on the beach

Vodka is a main component of making cocktail. Its advantage is no color, no smell and no taste. Vodka is easy to combine with other liquor and other ingredients. Vodka is a best choice of mixing cocktail because it does not make lost of taste’s other ingredients. On the contrary, the higher the percentage of vodka it is, the higher smelling of other ingredients it is. In the world, some well-known brand of vodka is namely such as Black Russian – White Russian, Black-White Russian, Martini, Cosmopolition, Bloody Mary, Sex on the beach and other various formula.

Vodka, similar to other kind of liquor, is for enjoying your life. Therefore, it is necessary to have a drink with partner in the allowed limitation.

Source: vanhoaamthuc