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Halico History
Halico history

- 1898: HALICO was founded at No. 94 Lo Duc street. This was the biggest factory and constructed by the French Fontaine company in Indochina.

- 21/11/1955: The Government decided to recover the HALICO to produce alcohol for health, defense and welfare of the people.

- 19/5/1956: The company was inaugurated and introduced the production based on criterion “Participate in labour management, improve technique”.

- 1957-1958: The company attempted to enhance goods output, plan to search for, solve, transport, install successfully groups such as Mao Khe gas oven, Hai Duong distillation machine.

- 1958: Obeying Ho Chi Minh’s teaching words, Mr. Le Thanh Nghi, director Chung Huong researched and applied successfully replaced material for rice in aiming to save rice for the people and refine alcohol reducing toxic elements for health.

- 19/5/1959: Uncle Ho visited the factory first time, encouraged the staff to research ardently, compete for production.

- 1960-1961: The factory implemented “ the technique revolution” in assistance of the Germany and Chinese leading physiology experts. Replacing the alcohol production with Alylo method by Mycomalte ones was to improve productivity in recalling products and diversify material resources.

- 15/2/1961: Uncle Ho visited the company the second time on the occasion of the traditional Tet.

- 1964: The factory supported to train the production professional and technique for others provinces.

- 1965-1968: Escalating war, the factory established self-defence group to protect its the equipments, machines, human resources.

- 1970: Company applied “3 improvements” concerned factory management, technology technique and production. In that time, company installed successfully a KTL gas oven removed from Dong Xuan knitwear company with the weight of 40 tones, in order to enhance operating productivity.

- 20/12/1972:  Hanoi was bombed, the couple Minh, engineer from Germany was died. The staff of factory still hold on to the factory resiliently, produced while fighting to protect it.

- 1970-1979: Factory was awarded constantly the certificate of merit: “Organization called Determined to win”

- 1973: After signed Paris Agreement and returned Vietnam, welcome the Doctor Kissinger’ visit in Vietnam ( special adviser of American President Nixon), the factory completed excellently the special production “Nep moi” in capacity of 650ml served diplomatic party of Ministry of Vietnam Foreign Affairs.

- 1978->1985: Company researched and built successfully alcohol refining tower according to “Sodecila” tower system of French. The new system permitted to ensure that the alcohol refining quality attained high standard.

- 02/02/1990: Company signed a contract with Novo Nordit firm of Denmark in importing Enzyme, in innovating alcoholic fermenting system according to the international standard.

- 1993: Established branch in Ho Chi Minh city.

- 1998: Made stainless steel program of make-up tank, filter layer system, modern cleaning-extracting system to ensure the standard of product sanitation.

- 2006: Equitized company and renamed Hanoi Liquor joint stock company.

- 2007: Opened new branch in Da Nang city.

- 2008: HALICO was lifted rank and become level 1 Enterprise, received ISO 9001-2000 certificate. HALICO had also the honor of being received the emulation flag awarded by the Government of socialist republic of Vietnam as the leading enterprise in national-wide emulation movement, and many other reputation prizes.

- 2009: Company established a branch in Can Tho, Nha Trang, a representative office in Laos. The new factory in Yen Phong began operation with a capacity of 50 million liters of wine per year. Company prepares for listing of securities transactions at the Department of Ho Chi Minh City in 2010.




Đ/c: 94 Lò Đúc, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội

ĐT: ĐT: 84-4-3976 3763

Fax: 84-4-3821 2662


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