HANOI LIQUOR JOINT STOCK COMPANY - HALICO formerly Hanoi Liquor Factory by Fontaine Liquor Company of France built since 1898, it was the biggest factory in 5 factories in South East Asia at that time. After more than 119 years of construction and development, present-day HALICO has become the most prestigious and biggest liquor company in Vietnam with well-known products such as Lua Moi, Nep Moi, Vodka Hanoi, Vina Vodka, Vodka 94 Lo Duc, Ba Kich, ... Nowadays, with the experienced, dynamic and creative staffs and workers, the most modern production line and distillation system in the area of Southeast Asia; the spread of distribution channel throughout urban and rural ares. Halico's products now presents all over the country and around the world: Eastern Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan .... HALICO's products can meet the strict requirements of the domestic market as well as international one.

During this time of restless competition and development, HALICO determined to become the leading enterprise in producing alcohol and products related to the alcoholic beverage product to serve not only domestic consumers but also export to other countries. With such mission, HALICO takes responsibility for maintaining its leading position by developing technology and quality of customer service; to achieve the high growth speed, large market share. HALICO is also striving for innovation in quality of social consumption and environment protection. With all achievements more than 119 years, we're keeping on fighting for the developments of the brand.

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Along with the history of construction and development, the company has gained a lot of achievements
including national and international awards.

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Năm 2019 — 2010

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