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Hanoi Liquor And Beverage Joint Stock Company – HALICO formerly known as French Fontaine Liquor Factory was built in 1898. This was the largest of the five distilleries built by Fontaine Company (France) in Indochina back to that time

After 120 years of establishment, construction and development, HALICO is now the largest and most prestigious liquor enterprise in Vietnam with famous types of Vodka and Liquor that are loved by many domestic and international consumers.

Distribution network

HALICO’s distribution network is constantly expanding and covering all over Vietnam

Halico distribution network


Hanoi Liquor Factory

Branches: Da Nang City, HCM City

Halico’s Agents
Distributors in provinces/cities all over the country

Vietnamese taste in each product

Fermented from Vietnamese rice with pure yeast varieties and automated continuous liquefaction, fermentation and eight-column distillation system, HALICO’s liquors are always soothing, velvety, deeply imbued with traditional Vietnamese culture.

  • Status: Clear liquid
  • Color: Transparent
  • Taste: Special and smooth taste of liquor fermented from glutinous rice
  • Ingredient: Being fermented from rice, pure yeast
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Continuing hundred year tradition

To be worthy of the history of more than 120 years of establishment and development and the honor of being the only factory in the beverage industry that twice visited by Former President Ho Chi Minh, HALICO strives to become the first liquor production enterprise of Vietnam along with the national enternal envelopment and also the pioneer in the liquor industry in Vietnam to reach the world




In order to achieve consistent quality, HALICO has been investing the world most modern production technology and equipment.

8 column distillation system

The experts evaluated Halico Factory has the most modern systems in Southeast Asia as well as the quality of Liquor reaching the highest purity.



Fully automatic production line including washing, filling, labeling, and packing machines with the capacity of 26,000 bottles / hour.


Hanoi Liquor Factory in Yen Phong Industrial Zone (Bac Ninh Province).

Officially inaugurated and put into production in October 10/2012, with a total investment of more than 750 billion, the capacity of 12 million liters of Extra-Neutral Alcohol/year and 40 million liters of Vodka and Liquor/year. This is a Liquor factory with the most modern production technology in Vietnam.


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Nhân kỷ niệm 72 năm ngày thương binh liệt sỹ (27/7/1947 – 27/7/2019), hướng đến kỷ niệm 74 năm Cách mạng Tháng tám và Quốc khánh 2/9; Thực hiện... Read more

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